Yuk Simak! Jenis dan Contoh Kalimat Future Tense

 Yuk Simak! Jenis dan Contoh Kalimat Future Tense

Contoh Kalimat Future Tense – Ada kalanya dalam suatu komunikasi, kita akan mengungkapkan suatu harapan atau hal yang mungkin akan terjadi pada masa depan. Dalam bahasa Inggris, Simple Future Tense merupakan suatu bentuk kalimat yang digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu kegiatan yang akan terjadi pada masa mendatang.

Nah, tense ini sendiri terdiri atas 2 pola kalimat, yakni pola verbal dan pola nominal. Sebelum membahas lebih lanjut tentang Simple Future Tense ini, ada baiknya kita memahami terlebih dahulu tentang 2 pola tersebut.

simple future tense

Jenis dan Contoh Kalimat Future Tense

Kalimat future sendiri terbagi menjadi 2 jenis, yaitu dalam bentuk kata kerja dan non kata kerja (nomina), dimana masing-masingnya terbagi dalam bentuk positif, negatif atau kalimat tanya. Untuk lebih jelasnya, berikut ini kami sajikan Contoh Kalimat Future Tense beserta rumusnya yang bisa anda pelajari sendiri:

Kalimat Verbal

Kalimat verbal adalah kalimat yang menggunakan kata kerja (Verb1), berikut ini rumusan kalimatnya:

(+) Subjek + Will/Shall/tobe going to + Verb1

Berikut ini Contoh Kalimat Future Tense dalam bentu positif yang bisa adik-adik pelajari:

  • I shall go to the beach(Saya akan pergi ke pantai besok)
  • We are going to the beach next week. (Kita akan pergi ke pantai minggu depan)
  • They will laugh if there is a clown entertaining them
  • He will continue his degree in Taiwan next year
  • Time will change anything and you will get better than now
  • My mom will shock if she knows that her lovely pet is died
  • My dog will bark at stranger but it won’t bite anyone
  • The boys will make a surprise for the girls tonight
  • I will try to be the best entrepreneur to make my family proud
  • The teacher will do a meeting to decide when the exam will be started
  • I will support you in the competition if you asked me to do so
  • My headmaster will renovate the school’s building
  • The people will donate some amount of money for the natural disaster victims
  • She will make it! She can do it, I trust her
  • I will never make a promise that I can’t keep
  • They will consume healthy food starts from tomorrow
  • We will go for vacation together, just for awhile to refresh our mind
  • She will register her sister to enter kindergarten
  • I will service my phone tomorrow because I want to use it soon
  • He will look for another job in the metropolitan city because he has lost his job
  • Our campus will hold the trip in the next Friday
  • We will launch our new novel in the next Monday at Santika Hotel
  • The employee will sell the uniform tomorrow in front of the class
  • He will go home at 9 o’clock from his work
  • The student will start the school next week
  • The people will vote for the new president in June
  • Police will do the investigation for the murderer case in Surabaya
  • Prince Harry will visit Bali for business purpose next month
  • Sarah and her mother will buy some kitchen needs such as rice, fish and vegetables
  • He will watch the movie at the cinema with his friends in the next Sunday
  • She will buy some clothes and skirt tomorrow with me
  • I will follow him to go through the forest to find our lovely cat

(-) Subjek + Will/Shall/tobe going to + not + Verb1

Berikut ini Contoh Kalimat Future Tense dalam bentuk negatif yang bisa adik-adik pelajari:

  • I shall not go to the beach(Saya tidak akan pergi ke pantai besok)
  • We are not going to the beach next week. (Kita tidak akan pergi ke pantai minggu depan)
  • The courier will not deliver the package during the weekend
  • The government will not delay the plans that he has made before
  • I will not consider the beach as our recreation place when it is rainy
  • The car will not crash if the driver saw the bend
  • Timmy will not copy your homework because he has done his last night
  • They will not clean the room because they are busy
  • She will not collect the stamp anymore but she wants to sell it
  • My cat will not chase the mouse if there is any mouse in front of it
  • I will not like to be compared with another people
  • Judi will not cheat if he studied last night
  • They will not bury their grandfather here but in their hometown
  • He will not burn the papers if he know that he can sell the papers
  • They will not bleach the clothes if you don’t asked them to do so
  • She will not go without you, she is too scared
  • The snake will not bite you if you don’t disturb it
  • I will not prohibit you to study with your friend
  • I will not ask any more questions, I already understand the material
  • The researcher will not forget the analyzing part
  • My cat will not annoy you if you don’t annoy it first
  • She will not apologize for the mistakes she didn’t make
  • The staff will not allow you to come in if you don’t have the ticket
  • Parents will not give some bad advice toward their children
  • He will not join us in the camp because he is sent for a national competition by our school
  • She will not go to the school because she is sick
  • We will not send the letter before the manager signing it
  • I will not buy ice cream because I am flu
  • He will not come late for the audition
  • The interview announcement is announced, and Sam will not come to do the interview because he is sick
  • She will not cry because she failed the test
  • Consumer will not buy the product if the quality and service are bad
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(?) Will/Shall/to be going to + Subjek + Verb1 + ?

Berikut ini Contoh Kalimat Future Tense dalam bentuk kalimat tanya yang bisa adik-adik pelajari:

  • Shall I go to the beach tomorrow? (Apakah saya akan pergi ke pantai besok?)
  • Are we going to the beach next week? (Apakah kita akan pergi ke pantai minggu depan?)
  • Will the new system improve our performance?
  • Will the police identify the victim soon? The victim family has waited to bury his body
  • Will the hunter hunt for the endangered animal again?
  • Amanda seems angry to us. Will she help us in this project?
  • Will he harm that innocent little kid? This movie is so tense
  • Will the tour guide bring us to an exotic place in this country?
  • We are too late to send the letter. Will she accept it?
  • They have trained so hard days and nights. Will they win the competition?
  • Will we get guarantee if we buy electronic goods in that store?
  • Will our bait is eaten by fish? We have waited too long
  • Will she welcome her new teacher? She isn’t easy to talk with a new person
  • We have added more phosphor. Will it glow?
  • I have announce the announcement. Will the student gather?
  • Will he fix his bike and join us in the competition? We need him to win this competition
  • He never done his job perfectly. Will our boss fire him?
  • Will she use the fancy stuffs that we bought for her? I hope she will like it
  • He failed his first driving test. Will he fail the next driving test?
  • Will our teacher reexplain the materials before the exam? I don’t think all of us is understand the materials
  • Will he explode the whole building?
  • Will you spend your money to help each other?
  • Will you do some exercise? You said you want to recude your weight
  • Will she escape from the reality that she is an artist? I think she is depress
  • Will you finish your college soon? I heard that you are going to move to London
  • You said you wanted to co to the music festival. Won’t you mind to go with me?
  • Will he earn enough money to pay his bills?
  • Will you choose her as our new secretary? She looks smart and discipline
  • I am too busy to go and buy some ingredients. Will you buy the ingredients for me?
  • Will she stay in town before she goes to Bali? I want to meet her for awhile
  • Will you keep me company? I am so scared
  • Will she remember that I asked her for a date? I am too nervous to meet her
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Kalimat Nominal

Kalimat nominal merupakan kalimat yang tidak menggunakan kata kerja (Verb) namun lebih menggunakan pelengkap (Complement) yang berupa kata benda (Noun) ataupun kata keterangan (Adverb), dengan rumusan:

(+) Subjek + Will/Shall/tobe going to + be + Complement

  • She will be in California. (Dia akan ada di California)
  • She is going to be a doctor. (Dia akan jadi seorang dokter)

(-) Subjek + Will/Shall/tobe going to + not + be + Complement

  • She will not be in California. (Dia tidak akan ada di California)
  • She is not going to be a doctor. (Dia tidak akan jadi seorang dokter)

(?) Will/Shall/tobe going to + Subjek + be + Complement + ?

  • Will she be in California? (Apakah dia akan ada di California?)
  • Is she going to be a doctor? (Apakah dia akan jadi seorang dokter?)

Kalimat-kalimat di atas adalah contoh yang menggunakan will, untuk shall hanya dipakai apabila subjek yang digunakan adalah I atau we. Dalam penggunaannya, subjek dan will biasanya akan disingkat sehingga berubah menjadi I’ll, she’ll, he’ll, it’ll, you’ll, we’ll, dan they’ll. Selain itu, will not juga kerap disingkat menjadi won’t

Penggunaan Kalimat Simple Future Tense

Berikut ini ada beberapa kasus atau situasi dimana biasanya kalimat simple future digunakan, simak Contoh Kalimat Future Tense untuk masing-masing penggunaannya:

Untuk menyatakan peristiwa yang akan dilakukan pada masa mendatang secara sederhana. Contoh:

  • He will be right here ( Dia akan ada disini)
  • They will call you later (Mereka akan menghubungimu nanti)

Digunakan untuk mengungkapkan kegiatan pada masa mendatang yang telah terencana. Contoh:

  • Those men are going to have a match next month. (Para pria itu akan melakukan pertandingan bulan depan)
  • Barbara is going to be a denstist. (Barbara akan menjadi seorang dokter gigi)

Untuk memprediksi suatu keadaan pada masa mendatang. Contoh:

  • The score for the friendly match tonight will be 2-0. (Skor pertandingan persahabatan nanti malam adalah 2-0)
  • It will snowy (Besok akan turun salju)

Apabila ingin menyatakan bahwa suatu hal pasti akan terjadi pada masa mendatang. Contoh:

  • The mid-exam is coming. (Ujian tengah semester sudah dekat)

Untuk mengungkap suatu keinginan yang sifatnya sukarela. Contoh:

  • I will help if you need. (Saya akan membantujika Anda butuh)

Untuk menyatakan suatu kesanggupan dan janji. Contoh:

  • I will submit the paper tomorrow. (Saya akan menyetorkan tugas itu besok)
  • I won’t make mistake. (Saya tidak akan berbuat salah)

Bagaimana adik-adik, sudah cukup jelas dengan tenses masa depan ini bukan? Kini adik-adik sudah bisa membuat Contoh Kalimat Future Tense sendiri bukan?

Belajar akan lebih menyenangkan karena adik-adik bisa bawa materi ini kemana pun dan dimanapun, selama terkoneksi denga internet tentunya.

Yuk sebarkan web ini kepada yang lainnya. Agar teman-temannya juga tahu bahwa ada web yang mengajak adik-adik untuk Jadi Juara.

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