Rumus, Fungsi dan Contoh Kalimat Past Tense

 Rumus, Fungsi dan Contoh Kalimat Past Tense

Rumus, Fungsi dan Contoh Kalimat Past Tense

Contoh Kalimat Past Tense – Jika kita belajar mengenai tenses tentu saja banyak sekali jenisnya. Kini kita akan membahas mengenai penggunaan kalimat past tense. Biasanya simple past tense ini digunakan untuk menjelaskan kejadian maupun peristiwa yang terjadi di masa lalu. Tentu saja kalimat ini bisa diaplikasikan pada beragam kalimat. Seperti halnya positive setence, negative setence maupun interrogative sentence.

Rumus kalimat past tense yang harus anda ketahui

Kali ini JadiJuara akan mengajak anda untuk belajar bahasa Inggris. Kita akan kupas secara tuntas mengenai tenses simple past tense.

Supaya anda cepat paham dengan contoh kalimat past tense. Tentu anda harus tahu rumusnya. Biasanya kalimat past tense ini menggunakan bentuk kata kerja kedua. Jika anda ingin cepat paham dengan contoh kalimat past tense, sebaiknya anda perhatikan berbagai rumus dari simple past tense untuk kalimat positif, negatif maupun interogatif nya. past tense


Jenis Kalimat Rumus Contoh Simple Past Tense
positif (+) S + Verb-2 (past tense)
S + be(was/were)
The children came
I was a stamp collector
negatif (-) S + did + not + bare infinitive
S + be(was/were) + not
The children didn’t come
I wasn’t a stamp collector
interogatif (?) Did + S + bare infinitive
be(was/were) + S
Did the children come
Was I a stamp collector

Berbagai fungsi dari kalimat past tense

Tentunya kalimat past tense ini juga memiliki berbagai fungsi yang perlu kita ketahui. Dengan mengetahui berbagai fungsinya ini. Kita pun akan semakin paham dengan kalimat tersebut. Inilah berbagai fungsi dari kalimat past tense berserta dengan contohnya. Antara lain:

Menjelaskan kejadian di masa lampau

Salah satu fungsi dari kalimat past tense tentu saja untuk menjelaskan suatu aksi yang terjadi dalam durasi waktu tertentu di masa lalu. Preposition “for” tentu saja bisa membantu anda untuk menyatakan periode waktu kejadiannya.

Contoh kalimat past tense

  • Reni and I went to the Trans Studio Bandung two months ago ( saya dan Reni pergi Trans Studio Bandung dua bulan lalu).
  • Did he come on time yesterday? ( apakah dia datang tepat waktu kemarin?)
  • The party started at 09.00 pm ( pesta mulai jam 9 malam)

Menjelaskan suatu kebiasaan di masa lampau

Nyatanya kalimat past tense juga bisa membicarakan suatu kebiasaan yang terjadi di masa lalu. Bahkan biasnaya subordinate conjuction menggunakan”when” pada situasi tersebut.

Contoh kalimat past tense

  • When I was a senior high school student, I always got upat 4 am to study.
    (Ketika saya sma, saya selalu bangun jam 4 pagi untuk belajar.)
  • I often did exercises in the gym when I lived in Bandung.
    (Saya sering berlatih di gym ketika tinggal di Bandung.)

Menunjukkan ada aksi langsung mengikuti aksi yang sudah selesai

Contoh kalimat

  • I had already finished my breakfast when he picked meup.
    (Saya telah selesai sarapan ketika dia menjemput.)

Digunakan pada conditional sentence tipe 2

Kalimat past tense ini biasanya memang dipergunakan untuk kalimat yang memiliki condotional sentence tipe ke dua. Bisa dibilang bentuk kata kerja ke dua.

Contoh kalimat

  • I would buy a sport car if I had much money ( saya akan membeli mobil sport jika punya uang banyak)
  • If he studied hard, he would be pass ( Jika dia belajar keras, dia akan lulus)

Contoh Kalimat Past Tense Lain

Berikut ini kami sajikan contoh kalimat past tense yang lain sehingga anda lebih memahami bagaimana cara membuat kalimat past tense itu:

1. Positive Sentence

Kalimat past tense dalam bentuk positif rumusnya yaitu:

(Kalimat Positif)

  • S + V2
  • S + was / were

Berikut ini contoh kalimat Past Tense bentuk positif:

No. Sentence
1. I found my cat because of you, thank you for your help yesterday
2. We went to the mountain for hiking and we found out the incredible scenery there
3. The traditional market opened at seven last year but now it is open at five in the morning
4. So I choose biology because I love learning it and mostly about animals
5. You forgot our meeting yesterday, what happened?
6. By the time I arrived there, there was no one there so I got back home
7. If I am not wrong she told me to do so
8. Went back to the village make me so happy
9. We saw you last night, you looked so pretty
10. Nicky played the movie last Saturday night in his house
11. The hikers reached the top of the mountain
12. We learned Spanish last year and we are going to learn France
13. The governor of Surabaya launched the opening of city’s park last year
14. The passenger who ate the instant noodle from that shop is keracunan
15. The accident happened last night it was a car hitting a motorcycle
16. I knew that the concert is canceled, it will be held in the next Saturday of March
17. I told Teddy to bring the skateboard because he had asked me to teach him
18. She sang a beautiful song, and the audience was crying because of it
19. My cat slept in the couch yesterday, it was so cute
20. I read your message yesterday, and I bring your orders
21. My parent wrote a letter to school saying that I was sick
22. They taught me how to dress well
23. He paid the dinner for me, gave me some present, and drove me home it was sweet night for us
24. She broke her leg last year and she is getting better now
25. We saw you in the mall with him yesterday
26. Mom grew a flower in the garden, I do not know what the name is but the flower is so beautiful
27. We fed our pets in their cage
28. He brought me some cookies from London, it was so delicious
29. Simon hung his clothes in the outside to make them dry
30. The police hit the robber so hard so they couldn’t run away
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2. Negative Sentence

Jika ada positif biasanya juga ada negatif, untuk kalimat negatif sendiri rumusnya yaitu:

Rumus Kalimat Past Tense (Kalimat Negatif)

  • S + did not + V1
  • S + was / were + not

Berikut ini contoh kalimat Past Tense bentuk negatif:

No. Sentence
1. The teacher did not ask you to do the project now
2. My parents did not go to the Lombok island for any business purpose but for holiday
3. Tommy did not borrow your pen but you pencil
4. Well we did not win the first place but we won the second place
5. I did not buy cheese cake but chocolate cake from Arif
6. They did not understand the project materials from Mr. Chris
7. We did not use the pipe to contribute the water to the people
8. Tania did not bring her costume for the show last night
9. They did not build the house in 2001 but in 2005
10. I did not only sell lemon juice but all fruit juice
11. She was not there when the house is on fire, she was lucky
12. They were not a naughty boys, they just looked like it
13. It was not me who broke the glass, but my brother is
14. The party organizer did not make a design as what I expected before
15. He did not answer my call, I am worried about him since last night
16. The teacher was not nice at all, she will just straight forward and give you punishment if you are late submitting your homework
17. The cleaning services were not lazy at all compared to you James
18. I did not offer Jimmy a tour package bonus, I bought it or my self
19. He was not smart as you but you have to appreciate his hard work of learning
20. The people who waited in the waiting room were not the patients, but they were the job applicants
21. She was not hate the kids but those kids had ruined her task
22. They were not a naughty pet, they were so adorable
23. I was not so good at dancing, before Clara teaches me to dance
24. She was not reading a book when she heard an explotion outside
25. Susan and Adam were not confused about the path to the mountain that they should take
26. She was not curious about the invention
27. We were not frightened when we entered the haunted house in the Jakarta
28. The committee did not mention your name, so you can’t go for the next round
29. My dog did not hurt your cat, it is a loving dog
30. We did not hid the paper but we burned it
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Mungkin anda bertanya-tanya kenapa ada yang menggunakan did serta kenapa ada yang menggunakan was / were? Untuk ketentuannya adalah, untuk did harus diikuti oleh verb, sedangkan penggunaan was / were akan diikuti dengan noun atau adjective.

Untuk rumusnya sudah dijelaskan pada tabel pertama di atas ya. Jadi anda tidak usah ragu lagi, kalau masih ada yang diragukan anda boleh mengajukan pertanyaan di kolom komentar ya. Nanti akan kami jawab ya.

3. Interrogative Sentence

Untuk bentuk kalimat past tense selanjutnya adalah dalam bentuk pertanyaan atau Interrogative sentence. Untuk rumus interrogative sentence sendiri yaitu:

Rumus Kalimat Past Tense (Kalimat Tanya)

  • Did + S + V1 + ?
  • Was / were + S + ?

Berikut ini contoh kalimat Past Tense bentuk pertanyaan:

No. Sentence
1. Did you tell them about the invitation?
2. Did we forget to ask the teacher to sign the assessment?
3. I have announced the important announcement to all participant but why there’s no one here. Did you remind them already?
4. I can’t find my wallet. Did you move it somewhere else?
5. I want to move to my new house by the lake. Did you know it already?
6. Did you help Timmy on computer project? I need your help to teach me the same thing
7. Did not Bradley prepare his homework for today?
8. Jim, did Maya contact you yesterday about today’s group work?
9. Did you cook the meal mom? It was so delicious
10. Did she take the trash and recycling it? She is so creative!
11. Were they threat you nicely when we went out of town?
12. Were you lie to us about the competition?
13. Did they help me to find my boy? I am so scared that I couldn’t find my boy anymore
14. Was he live in the Marry’s old house? He was so brave
15. Did Ian do the cooking? His cooking was so delicious, it feels like I want to eat it everyday
16. Did he buy the shoes? If so then why I couldn’t find it
17. Hey, I am running out of tomato and I need it now. Did you buy it yesterday?
18. Your idea last night was incredible. Did you do the same project before?
19. Did you close the door?
20. Was it so adorable? I want to buy and taking care of it
21. Did you take the journal on the table? Mrs. Anna is looking for it
22. Did the teacher come for the private course?
23. Was he so busy? I needed to talk with him
24. Were those necklaces expensive? If so we can find another store
25. Did they prepare my lunch? I would have my lunch at home
26. Was the movie so awful? Tell me
27. Were you depress? You seemed so quite
28. Did Mom hold your hand during the hiking?
29. Did him clean our room in the upstairs?
30. Was Maria happy to work here with me?

Bagaimana? Pasti sekarang anda sudah sangat paham sekali dengan tenses yang kedua ini bukan?

Bahasa Inggris memang sangat mudah. Jadi anda tidak usah khawatir lagi berbicara dalam bahasa Inggris atau mengerjakan tugas bahasa Inggris.

Karena semua instrumen pendukung sudah ada, kini anda bisa belajar Inggris Online dimanapun anda berada selama ada koneksi internet.

Demikianlah beberapa contoh kalimat past tense dan rumusnya yang bisa kami bagikan untuk anda. Semoga bermanfaat ya. Jangan lupa juga ya untuk membagikan artikel ini agar semakin banyak lagi orang yang mahir berbahasa Inggris.

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